5 Best Green Line T Study Cafés

By: Abigail C. Ross

Busfotodotnl, Director. Boston Green Line Trams at Boylston. YouTube, YouTube, 28 Feb. 2012, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFjioz5nIwE.

The Greater Boston area is home to over 50 colleges and universities, where students share a love of learning and fundamental movement. On average, 250,000 young individuals commute in and out of our city every single day—making public transportation one of the most important means of passage in Boston proper. The higher education system has been granted the title of best in the nation, number one in distinct innovation and academic research— lending itself to the precise study routines we embody. Every train station guides you to a new destination buzzing with creative energy. We are proud of our “collegetown” that has been slowly cultivated upon for several years, with more to come in the near future.

But many wonder, how did we get here?

It all started with North America’s oldest subway system—Boston’s MBTA. In the early 1600s, there were only five T stops that swung around the bend into downtown: Haymarket → Adams Square → Scollay Square → Park Street → and finally, Boylston, one of the most cherished spots in the metropolis. The famous and highly-accustomed underground tunnel is named the Green Line in present-day, where hundreds of students hop on and off at any given time. At the heart of the Green Line T stops lies some of the best coffee shops, restaurants, and cafés that are within walking distance to everything—responsible for the study habits and food cravings our scholars participate in today.

Here’s a list of the 5 Best Green Line T Study Cafés in Boston: 

  1. Trident Booksellers & Café

Located on quaint cobblestone corners, Trident hides in the cozy nook between brick buildings at the end of Newbury Street. The café is known for their quirky book club-like atmosphere, and sheer admiration for bestselling authors. Customers have the opportunity to browse through their wide selection of novels, then grab a quick bite-to-eat on the side after studying. They market a variety of comfort dishes that mirror the true essence of Boston. You’ll love it here!

  1. Jaho Coffee & Tea: Jaho Coffee Roasters & Wine Bar

Down Washington Street, smack-dab in the midpoint of Boston’s center is where Jaho Coffee & Tea resides. Although they are located in the Kensington Hotel, the café attracts hundreds of tourists every year, as a result of their timeless menu and calm ambiance. Their spacious seating allows for solitary study and quality time with friends. They serve regular coffees, teas, and juices—as well as interesting alcoholic beverages, like the coconut-based boba tea with a rum of your choice.

  1. Caffé Nero USA: “Your Nero, Your Way”

After having a long and busy day, Caffé Nero USA on Winter Street provides their customers with a rustic and down-to-earth approach to study. They have smoothies, snack meals, and cold brew coffees available, along with delightful outdoor seating in the middle of Downtown Crossing in Boston. Their café has two stories, permitting a great use of space, especially during the pandemic. Their slogan says it all—have it your way!

  1. Ogawa Coffee

Just outside of Downtown Boston, just on the outskirts of the Crossing, is where beautiful Ogwaga sits. The café is modern and fresh, much like its original store based in Japan. The traditional Japanese chain traveled internationally to give the people the true taste of “java flights” and small Asian cuisines. Their staff is very kind and open to having people stay to study for long hours. You will adore it here!

  1. Tatte Bakery & Café 

Located underneath Emerson College’s famous Little Building, directly across from the Boylston T stop is where Tatte opened their newest café. They have brand new ceilings, tiles, and ceramic plaques against the back walls. Upon arrival, friendly workers greet customers and distinguish a positive environment that is excellent for study. Their cases are filled with tiny desserts and sandwiches, prepared to your liking. 

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What does “Virtual” mean going forward?

As the summer of 2021 draws to a close and with new COVID-19 cases back on the rise, the question of reopening for schools, business, and other types of gatherings is getting murkier. In Massachusetts, the mask mandate was lifted back in April, but they are still required for public transport such as the MBTA, taxis, and ferries. Despite new cases arising with the delta variant, Governor Baker announced that the state is not going to require another state-wide mask mandate. Within the government, local and federal authorities seem to ignore the new rise in cases over these past couple of weeks, while institutions like colleges and small businesses try to get ahead of what could be another outbreak that forces people back into quarantine. 

With the pandemic definitely not over and people more aware of what it means to get fully back “in person,” what does this mean for platforms like zoom and other virtual sites? What does it mean for classes for students? Or meetings for companies? 

Many people have spoken up since the world moved online and given both negative and positive reviews. The majority of responses have been positive in one way or another. Virtual gatherings for things like class and work allow for long distance and more flexible hours. There are some downsides—companies insist that working virtually means round the clock availability and the “clocking out” stage of work seems hazy when you are merely logging off a computer. But, in general, the positives of online work outweigh the negatives. Even newly graduated college students are reconsidering moving for their career and instead are seeking out virtual work that would not require them to relocate. 

For colleges and public schools, masks and vaccine requirements are being put into place allow in person classes to move forward. Online class brings difficulties like a sense of a lack of community when everyone is silenced by the “Mute” button on zoom, but there are advantages as well. Students sick at home can now virtually attend class without missing important lectures and also without infecting their classmates. Teachers can record sessions and send them out for students to watch at their leisure. 

Obviously, life via the laptop is not the best. People are social creatures and require interaction and stimulation. Many have expressed how their social skills and manners have been deteriorating since the pandemic started in March 2020. But our ground is shaky right now with the number of cases rising, and the things we have learned during the pandemic should not be ignored. Virtual life seems to be the future, for a while.


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Five Thrillers to Pick Up This Fall

With Friday the 13th last week and the end of summer right around the corner, it’s time to put the beach reads back on the shelf and pick up some spooky books that will get you ready for the fall season. You can check out the beach reads blog if your summer isn’t quite over yet, but if you’re ready for some thrillers that are sure to give you goosebumps, here are some of our best recommendations:

If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio

If We Were Villains is a Booktok favorite, and for good reason. The story begins the day that Oliver Marks finishes his ten year prison sentence for a murder he may or may not have committed. As Oliver is leaving, he is greeted by Detective Colborne who worked on his case a decade ago. Colborne is retiring, but does not want to end his career without knowing what really happened to Oliver. Oliver takes us back to his years studying Shakespeare at an elite arts college with six of his friends, who follow the same archetypes onstage and off: hero, villain, tyrant, temptress, ingenue, extra. Like a Shakespearean tragedy, though, not everyone makes it out alive, and the ones who do must put on a convincing performance of innocence or reap the consequences.

Verity by Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover has mastered the art of a good psychological thriller, and Verity is one of the best examples of her deliciously twisted stories. Lowen Ashleigh receives the job offer of a lifetime when Jeremy Crawford, husband of successful novelist Verity Crawford, hires her to finish writing one of Verity’s book series that she cannot complete due to injuries from an accident. Lowen moves into the Crawford home with the task of going through Verity’s notes for the books and figuring out how to end the series. However, what Lowen finds is Verity’s autobiography that was never meant to be read. Lowen is horrified at Verity’s disturbing admissions, including what really happened the day her daughter died, but decides to keep it secret from Jeremy who is already burdened by grief. But as Lowen and Jeremy grow closer, she realizes that if he knew what Verity wrote, he might love her less—and love Lowen more. If you’re looking for a truly shocking and dark novel to get your fall season started, this is the perfect book to pick up.

The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris

Described as Get Out meets The Devil Wears Prada The Other Black Girl combines themes of racial equity with a jaw-dropping story that will keep you guessing until the very end. Nella Rogers is an editorial assistant at Wagner Books, and often feels frustrated as their only Black employee. When Hazel, another Black editor, gets hired, Nella is hopeful that the constant isolation she feels at work will disappear. Shortly after Nella and Hazel become friends, however, Hazel moves rapidly up the office social ladder, leaving Nella at the bottom to fend for herself. Suddenly, Nella is receiving threatening messages to leave Wagner immediately. As Nella digs deeper into the mysterious sequence of events, she realizes that the situation at hand is much bigger than her career, and that Hazel was not exactly who she appeared to be. 

Slade House by David Mitchell

Slade House is a collection of short stories, each taking place in a different time period, but all having to do with Slade House, a mysterious townhouse in a working class British neighborhood. A small black iron door appears in an alleyway to unassuming strangers, someone will appear at the door and invite them inside… and no one ever comes out. The stories take place nine years apart from each other, spanning from the 1970s to the 2010s, narrated by characters of all different ages, backgrounds, and voices. Toeing the line between horror and thriller, each story will have you on the edge of your seat as you piece together what really goes on inside the Slade House.

56 Days by Catherine Ryan Howard

Catherine Ryan Howard proved that it is not too soon for a good quarantine novel with 56 Days. The story begins in March, 2020, the week that Covid-19 began its reign of terror. In Dublin, Ireland, Ciara and Oliver meet in line at a grocery store just before lockdown threatens to keep them apart. Not wanting to let the pandemic come in the way of a potentially great relationship and seeing the opportunity to let the relationship grow without the scrutiny of friends or family, the two decide to move in together. Just 56 days after Ciara and Oliver first meet, one of them ends up dead in his apartment— and you have to get to the end of the book to know who.

These are some of the best books to pick up to get you in the mood for fall! Just make sure to read with the light on, of course. 


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Meet More of Our Editors

Between their experience, expertise, and exceptional writing skills, all of our editors guarantee quality service. However, they each have their own specialties and strengths when it comes to the topics of manuscripts they work on. If you’re wondering which editor might be the perfect fit for you, here are some introductions to a few of our amazing editors!

Melissa Ptacek

With years of experience as an editor, writer, researcher, and educator, Melissa provides editing services for both academic and creative manuscripts. As a doctoral student in European History at University of California at Berkeley, she taught writing and research courses, making her a skilled collaborator and editor. Melissa also has years of experience as an academic researcher and computer programmer at a university research center, as well as an editor for a firm specializing in the publication of international trade information. She is an expert in a wide range of academic fields, including history, sociology, religious studies, literary theory, criminology, human rights, social and political theory, and legal studies. In addition, she is experienced in working with both native and non-native English speakers. Melissa’s most recent projects at CambridgeEditors include written critique and coaching for a dissertation on equity in the workplace and copyediting for an academic article comparing diasporas in two different literary works.  

Jay Boggis

Jay has a great deal of experience in academic editing, from working in the law books division of Little, Brown and Co. and becoming managing editor for their Tax Practice Division to working as a freelance editor for publishers like Harvard University Press, the University of Chicago Press, and John Wiley & Sons. He has A.B., A.M. and Ph.D. degrees in history from Harvard University, making him not only an expert in editing law manuscripts, but also pieces focused on history. Some of his most recent editing projects at CambridgeEditors include a line by line edit for a book about subsidizing child care in the United States, developmental and line by line editing for a book about Iranian contemporary art, and a line by line edit for a book about the legal system in Kuwait.

Rachel Siegel

Rachel specializes in editing both academic and creative pieces. In addition to holding a BA in English and an MBA from Yale University, she is also a Chartered Financial Analyst and the author of Personal Finance, a widely used college-level textbook now being published in its third edition. With over 2o years of teaching experience in finance and economics at Northern Vermont University, as well as decades of freelance writing and editing experience, Rachel excels at making complex concepts clear and understandable through writing. She is fluent in Chicago, APA, MLA, AMA/Vancouver, and Oxford styles, and has edited manuscripts from academic journals to book reviews and synopses. A few of her latest edits at CambridgeEditors include line by line edits for an article about mandatory sustainability measures and a doctoral thesis about the impact of social media on innovation. 

Andrew Bond

Andrew has over 25 years of experience in editing and book production as the former Managing Editor of Bellwether Publishing, Ltd. where he produced books and journals in the fields of human geography, economics, political science, and the earth sciences. He received a PhD in Geography from University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee and held teaching positions at both University of Wisconsin at La Crosse and Ohio State University, making him an experienced academic writer and editor. Currently, he serves as a Senior Associate at Russian and Caspian Energy in Washington, D.C. in addition to editing at CambridgeEditors. Some of his recent work with us includes line by line editing for a book about business models in health care and copyediting for an article about unemployment and job loss in younger populations.

CambridgeEditors provides a wide selection of professional and experienced editors who are eager to read your work. Regardless of the type of writing you do or what kind of editing you need, all of our editors are passionate about their fields and want to help make your work the best it can be. To learn more about our fantastic editors, check out our website and other blogs, and follow us on social media for more editor spotlights! 

Instagram: @cambridgeeditors

Twitter: @CambEditors

LinkedIn: CambridgeEditorsFacebook: CambridgeEditors


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Why you should work with CambridgeEditors: Client Testimonials

CambridgeEditors is a small, global editing business that stresses its mission to provide every client with an expert and custom edit. We want to help polish and ready your work for the public eye. But don’t take it from us. Keep reading for client testimonials and reviews! 

“Thanks for all that you did. The paper has been accepted for publication. I will definitely be coming back for more help.” ~ March 2021

“I just want to take this opportunity to thank Jay for all his hard work, his care and attention. Because this book has been written in various (non-teaching) seasons there have been some serious organizational issues and Jay brought my attention to all of those. I have been working so hard since and I think I have now polished the narratives in most chapters thanks to Jay’s direction and wisdom. This book still has some more work to do to be ready for press, and I will continue to polish and restructure. But at this juncture Jay’s help was vital and I am immensely grateful. Thanks to you too, Harte for all your help on and off the phone. I appreciate you all.” ~July 2021

“I could not be more grateful for the experience that I have had these five years working together with CambridgeEditors. Melissa Ptacek was the PhD supervisor that I never had, and I treasure her insightful feedback. I place my trust in [her] because I know she wants the best for me. I could not recommend CambridgeEditors [more highly] … It takes my text to the next level, subtly without changing what I am writing. It becomes better, more alive.” ~ March 2019

“In the next few weeks I will be presenting the findings of my doctoral study. My doctoral journey turned out to be pretty straight forward! I believe this is most certainly related to Cambridge Editors and my coach. She is a competent professional who helped and coached me at the right time. Her thoughts allowed me to make necessary adjustments in my thinking and ensured that my dissertation was always moving forward toward the finish line. I am truly grateful for her integrity and her scholarly expertise.” ~June 2017

“As you know, I thanked your excellent editors in the dissertation. I don’t know what I would have done without them! It feels good and comforting to be back working with you again. I have the option of free editing where I work but I just feel more comfortable trusting you.” ~October 2016

“I am writing to thank you for an absolutely fabulous job. Not only were you kind, efficient and patient, also your work has been superb.  I found your comments most helpful and certainly brought my attention to points I could not have noticed were I to just rely on my own eyes. Many thanks again and I look forward for many more jobs together.” ~ March 2014

“I am currently in Europe, where [the launching of my book] was a success and I hope this will also be the case in Canada and the United States. I am very happy with your work and as soon as I [return home]…I will read over the project again, considering all of the criticisms and suggestions, and get back to you. Thank you for all of your effort and attention to this project, and I am counting on you for it to be published in the United States.” ~ July 2014

“Based on a test of six different editing outfits, you guys came out on top. We feel you had the best combination of value, quality and response time. The fact that you are easy to work with is another bonus.” ~ May 2013

“Many thanks to the editor for polishing up my work and providing such crucial feedback. I’m overwhelmed at the insight this editor possesses and her ability to grasp a theme and dissect it. She has pointed at areas that need work and, more importantly, provided examples of how to correct them. I value each and every comment.” ~ June 2013

“Everything is working out wonderfully. Our students are really satisfied with the editing services. Thank you all so much.” ~ November 2013

“Thanks for being in touch and for the great work! CambridgeEditors is the best. I know you know that part of this process is managing the stresses of your clients! Once I am done with this, I would love to share a bottle of champagne and get some info about your services… I have a lot of friends, clients, and writers who could use your help and assistance!” ~ April 2012 

“Your suggestions for the individual chapters look great…. I couldn’t have asked for a better editor on this project,…. Mil gracias!!” ~ June 2012

“CambridgeEditors did an excellent job of editing my PhD dissertation at a very fair price for services rendered. I worked with a terrific and experienced editor who was focused and fully committed to the project. Indeed, CambridgeEditors displayed an extraordinary level of responsiveness and professionalism under a tight time line, and have earned my trust and confidence. I would recommend the services of CambridgeEditors without reservation.”  ~ January 2012

“As President of multiple enterprises, and as a consumer, I think it’s too rare to have a purely positive customer experience. Working with CambridgeEditors has proven to be just that, and they have made life and business easier. They consistently provide exceptional work within tight deadlines, whether it be the smallest or the largest of projects, at a very fair price. I trust very few people with my work, and CambridgeEditors has made me a loyal customer by being effective, professional, and a total joy doing business with. I could not be more pleased with their work.” ~December 2011

Our clients range from independent scholars, to best selling authors, to top university faculty, to doctoral candidates. No matter how great a writer somebody is, everyone needs an editor to perfect their piece. Editing is an art form of its own that requires practice, patience, and professionalism, and as our testimonials prove, our editors at CambridgeEditors have years of professional editing experience and know exactly how to make your writing ready for publication or submission. 


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Creative Writing With CambridgeEditors

While the last blog focused on CambridgeEditors’ excellent academic editing services, we also offer expert edits on creative writing projects. If you’ve been working on a novel, memoir, poetry collection, or other creative work that you want to take to the next level, CambridgeEditors provides line editing, developmental editing, as well as any formatting and layout work your piece may need. Our goal is to help tighten and tidy up your manuscript while preserving your message and authentic voice. 

CambridgeEditors has worked on many different types of creative pieces, so no matter what your project is, we will be able to provide you with beneficial feedback. In fact, one of our most recent edits was a memoir called Charging Into Life, which you can see on the home page of our website. Some other creative projects our editors have worked on include the first book in a Young Adult Asian American fantasy series, a poetry collection about African social and political culture, and a historical fiction short story. No matter what kind of writer you are or what topics you cover in your work, we are eager to work on it with you.

Many of our editors specialize in creative writing projects, so you are sure to be paired with an experienced editor who can help strengthen your piece. For example, editor Elizabeth Brogden is an expert in fiction writing and editing with a PhD in English Literature from Johns Hopkins University. She wrote her dissertation on nineteenth-century American fiction, and she has published multiple articles and book reviews in journals like NOVEL: A Forum on Fiction, Studies in American Fiction, Modern Language Notes, and Studies in the Novel. A writer herself, Brogden is currently working on her first novel. 

Another one of our creative writing specialists is editor Karin Cather, who mainly edits genre fiction like thrillers, police procedurals, apocalyptic, YA, and science fiction. If your writing contains a lot of action sequences, Cather is the perfect editor for you; since she is trained in hand-to-hand combat in a street-fighting discipline, she can tell how realistic your fight scenes are and exactly how to make them more believable.  

If you’re still unsure about the direction you want to take with your next creative writing project, take our clients’ word for working with CambridgeEditors. Here is a testimonial from a client who worked on their creative writing project with us!

“Many thanks to the editor for polishing up my work and providing such crucial feedback. I’m overwhelmed at the insight this editor possesses and her ability to grasp a theme and dissect it. She has pointed at areas that need work and, more importantly, provided examples of how to correct them. I value each and every comment.”

While academic editing is our most highly requested service, many of our editors are also passionate and experienced in creative writing of any genre. If you’re looking to get your project off the ground, come work with us!


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Academic Editing: CambridgeEditors’ Specialty

CambridgeEditors edits all types of writing, from novels to surveys, but one type of editing is requested above the others: Academic Editing. 

Academic writing can really cover any subject as long as it remains within the view and application of study. It is its own art to translate a subject into the realm of academia and make it readable for your peers. Academic editing also has its own art. 

As the name already suggests, this form of editing is for academic papers, manuscripts, or other materials that would be linked to an institution or for independent scholars. Academic editing is a specialized comprehensive service that improves language and the overall formatting of the piece, but also streamlines and strengthens your argument and ideas. A good academic editor will remove repetitive data and indulgences without taking away the writer’s voice or the importance of the subject.

CambridgeEditors’ history is steeped in academia. Our Head Editor and Founder, Dr. Harte Weiner graduated from Stanford, Columbia, and Harvard University, and many of our Staff Editors have graduated and taught at top universities like Yale University and UCLA. Our editors know how an academic document should be read and, more importantly, they know the steps to refine a piece and make it publishable. 

 CambridgeEditors edits a wide range of scholarly work such as dissertations, journal articles, master’s theses, thesis and grant proposals, course papers, application and advancement materials, and much more. CambridgeEditors provides academic editing in all areas, from the humanities and social sciences to business, law, and STEM fields. Our editors are well versed in all the appropriate styles, including Chicago, MLA, APA, Harvard, and the CSE styles, and your editor will have experience and advice on your specific area of study.  

Academic editing is more of an umbrella term in which other particular types of services can be applied. You can request other types of edits such as Copy Editing or Line-by-Line Edits, and specify that your piece be edited for academia. The overall goal is to get the piece ready for its intended audience, whether it be a university or the general public. Our most popular academic editing services include the Line Edit and Copy Edit. The Line-by-Line Edit is designed to offer authors meticulous revisions for structure, flow, and diction. The Copy Edit is designed for authors requiring final corrections to style, grammar, and citations. Both services include our proofreading of text and graphs, tables, and figures. Other services widely requested of CambridgeEditors are our layout, formatting, and indexing services. 

Who better to get your dissertation or submission paper ready than academics themselves? CambridgeEditors is ready to help! For assistance, please visit our website for more information or email us at editors@cambridgeeditors.com. 


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The CambridgeEditors Experience

How does CambridgeEditors help you get your manuscript from a rough draft to a polished final piece? Whether you’re a first-time novelist, a doctoral candidate, a seasoned author, an academic, or anything in between, we want to work with you to make your writing the best it can be. Here’s how you can get started!

First, reach out to us by emailing editors@cambridgeeditors.com or calling us at (617)876-2855. We work with clients from all over the world and we edit all different types of writing. Additionally, many of our editors specialize in working with authors whose first language is not English. We are happy to help with any of your editing needs from virtually anywhere! The most important information that we need before getting started is:

  • Type of work (thesis, novel, article, etc.)
  • Estimated page count
  • Time frame and flexibility (Do you have a hard deadline? When would you like to see your piece finished?)

These will help us determine what kind of edit is right for you. Check out our last blog to learn more about the different editing services we offer! 

Once we have a better idea of what your project is and how long it needs to be worked on, we will send you a proposal. In the proposal, we will give you a thorough description of the services you will receive, the timeline of your project, your editor, and an estimate of the total cost. You can check out our website for a detailed explanation of our rates, but the price is determined by the length of your piece, the type of editing you need, and the type of piece you are working on. We also offer new discounts every month based on the content covered in your work, so check the home page of our website monthly to see if our specials apply to your work!

After the first half of your proposal is paid,  you will be paired with an editor who is particularly interested in your project and skilled in the type of work that it needs. Our editors specialize in many different areas like technical writing, business, finance, humanities, science, short and long form fiction, and poetry just to name a few. Every writer has different strengths, and our wide range of editors gives you the opportunity to work with someone who is excited about your work as well as familiar with its subject matter. No matter what kind of work your manuscript needs, you will be matched with an editor who will bring your work to the next level. You can learn more about our editors on our website, or through editor spotlights on our Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook!

Writing and editing are not always easy processes, but at CambridgeEditors, our goal is to do some of the heavy lifting for you. Hopefully this blog gives you a better idea of what it is like to work with us, and how we can help you with your next project! Regardless of what stage you are at in creating your manuscript, we want to help you make it your very best work.  


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Which Editing Service is Right for You?

“Can you edit this?”  

This is a question many people ask everyday. Whether it is a social media post, an academic paper, a manuscript, or even a text message—editing can be both general and specific. 

Editing is an umbrella term for various forms of rewriting and reworking. Some professional editors are versed in many types of editing whereas others are experts in one or two specific forms. At Cambridge Editors, we offer eight editing services tailored to fit the needs of your work. But how do you know which one is right for you? 

Line-by-Line Editing 

Line-by-Line edits are what they sound like—a meticulous read through carefully analyzing every sentence. Mindful of the particular purpose of each individual manuscript, our Line Editors carefully review structure, syntax, word choice, and flow. Moreover, the Line-by-Line Edit encompasses our Proofreading service as well. Because it moves with care and thoroughness at every point, the Line-by-Line Edit is the most popular of all of CambridgeEditors services.

There are three aspects which the Line-by-Line Edit focuses on: 

1.) Line Editing for structure—the organization and readability of the piece. 2.) Line Editing for flow—the motion and transition between points or sections of the piece. 3.) Line Editing for diction—the word choice and vocabulary of the piece. 

The Copy Edit 

Copy Editing is a very popular and yet very overlooked aspect of editing. It edits based on grammar, style, and citations. CambridgeEditors will assign an editor that is quick and capable, as well as familiar with your particular genre of work. Your editor will also ensure, where applicable, that publication guidelines are followed. Edits to in-text citations and bibliographies are included in the Copy Edit services. 

The Proofread 

This is a step that clients often select just before publication or submission. This service detects and edits grammatical mistakes, punctuation, and forms of address, however, these editors don’t subtract or add any text. Proofreading also does not include the editing of style or organization. It merely acts as a final pass over the work before it can be sent for publication. For those looking for a more hands-off edit, the proofread is the right choice.  

Formatting and Layout 

This service does not alter or edit the text of the manuscript, but makes sure the format and overall look of the piece fits the standard that the client requests. This applies to table of contents, images, graphs, title pages, indexes, appendices, reference sheets, etc. 


Coaching or counseling sessions are a more heavy handed form of editing usually reserved for larger works such as dissertations, novels, or nonfiction monographs. Whether outlining an idea or looking over a complete draft, your Coaching Editor will help you flesh out ideas, devices, and the overall concept of the manuscript. This service requires personal contact with your editor, such as skype meetings, zoom meetings, or phone calls. The number one goal of your Coach will be to help you mentally and editorially through the difficult process of writing a lengthy or complex document.

The Developmental Edit 

CambridgeEditors Developmental Editors are here to help authors with the process of transforming ideas for a manuscript into a finished work of writing. Sometimes an author (or would-be author) has working concepts for the final piece, but no exact sense of how to make them tangible. A Developmental Edit is just what is needed. This service also works for if you have a preliminary manuscript in the early days of its conception. Like the Coaching service, a Developmental Edit requires more one on one time with your editor. 

The Written Critique

This service looks at the work as a whole. The Critiquer first reads the manuscript and then gives it an essayistic analysis. It is usually requested by those who are working on a longer piece such as a book or dissertation. Your Critiquer will look at your goals and see whether you succeeded in them, asking, “Does this work make sense? Where does it not?” This service pays the utmost attention to shape, content, and organization. 

Cambridge Editors has many options for editing services in order to better serve our clients’ unique needs. To learn more about what we can do for you, please visit our website at https://cambridgeeditors.com/ or contact us at editors@cambridgeeditors.com.   


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Meet the Editors of CambridgeEditors

Per the name, our editors are one of the biggest reasons CambridgeEditors is such a great company to work with. All of our editors are seasoned professionals with years of experience in editing and writing. They each have different areas of expertise, but regardless of what service you need, you will be matched with an editor who is dedicated, experienced, and believes in your project. Here you can get to know a few of our editors and the great projects they have worked on since starting with CambridgeEditors! 

Harte Weiner

Harte Weiner is both the founder and lead editor of CambridgeEditors. After receiving her BA from Harvard, MFA from Columbia, and PhD from Stanford, she served as Acting Assistant Director to The Academy of American Poets and contributing editor to The Paris Review. Dr. Weiner also taught at Tufts, Brown, Harvard, and The Cambridge Center for Adult Education, where she directed many junior papers and senior theses. She founded CambridgeEditors in 2003 with the mission of helping other writers improve and perfect their work. Aside from editing, she offers workshops, dissertation, creative and expository editing, and multi-session group or individual meetings. Some of her recent edits include a book about families’ experiences at after school programs, a short fiction story, and a poetry book about African social and political culture.

Felicia Lee 

Felicia has been with CambridgeEditors since 2012, and specializes in academic, promotional, and technical writing. She holds a BA and MA in English from Stanford University, and a PhD in linguistics from UCLA. Recently at CambridgeEditors, she has served as a developmental editor for Women’s History Month content, a developmental editor for a dissertation on leadership in South East Asia, and a proofreader for a Young Adult Asian American fantasy novel. 

Tom Sullivan

Tom specializes in editing ESL, academic, and technical texts, as well as book development and layouts. He originally wanted to be an engineer, until he discovered a passion for literature halfway through engineering school. He wrote a master’s thesis on the aesthetic history of William Blake’s work and serves as a full time editor, but he is also interested in learning new software and taking technical jobs that allow for more innovative book design. Some of his most recent work at CambridgeEditors includes a thesis about epilepsy mutations, an academic article about infinite series equations, and a dissertation about how nonprofit hospitals can improve public health.

Adriana Cloud

Adriana holds an M.A. in Writing and Publishing from Emerson College in Boston, and she has over a decade of experience in book publishing. She worked for eight years at Harvard University Press, and she has done freelance work for a number of impressive publishers like MIT Press and Yale University Press. Her most recent work at CambridgeEditors includes proofreading a series of three articles for the King’s College London Department of Digital Humanities and turning a dissertation into different articles about Psychoanalysis, Film Studies, Feminist Studies for St. Andrews University.

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