The Luminous Literary Life of Cambridge, Massachusetts


Cambridge, MA is home to an impressive academic, literary community. Wandering down Massachusetts Avenue and the various side streets of Harvard Square, one can relish for hours among endless aisles of book stores and libraries. Cambridge is home to Harvard University, which garners a dignified collection of the works of renowned professors and writers in the world of academia. There are endless opportunities to learn and expand one’s bookshelf in the city of Cambridge, and here at CambridgeEditors, we strive to help writers improve their own works of writing. Exploring the scholastic landscape of the city is inspirational to the work of Cambridge Editors. Below are some of the best literary locations to visit on your stay in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Coop Cafe and Bookstore

The Coop Cafe/Bookstore is a one-stop-shop for Harvard students and alum, along with the general public. The bookstore offers an array of Harvard professor’s works, alongside various new, unrelated releases as well. Upstairs, there is a cozy cafe where one can pick up a cup of coffee or a pastry to enjoy while settling down to dive into a new read.

Coop1      Coop2

Harvard Yard

Harvard’s campus, the heart of Cambridge, is both renowned and beautiful, especially during autumn. While strolling around campus, one can admire the stately, old halls, libraries, and class buildings. On the Harvard lawn, there are seating areas for one to sit and read peacefully.

Yard2        Yard

Harvard Bookstore

The Harvard Bookstore on Mass Ave offers a brilliant selection of books inside and outside. Shoppers can find priced-down, used books outside the shop and in the basement. Inside the Harvard Bookstore, one is welcome to browse the aisles to their heart’s content for any reading material they are looking to catch up on.

harvard. Book Store    Harvard 2

Grolier Poetry Bookstore

Founded in 1927 near Havard Square, Grollier Poetry Bookstore exists as the oldest continuous poetry bookshop. Grollier Poetry Bookstore consists of one small but charming room, yet the life and works of art inside the shop are largely impressive. Grollier offers poetry readings, foundation events, and book sharing opportunities. Though it has become a popular literary destination for poets and book lovers, this hidden gem offers a vast array of rare and diverse works of poetry.

Grolier1    Grolier 2

Article and photos by Emily Bunn

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