CambridgeEditors: A Home Unlike Any Other

When I first began at CambridgeEditors, otherwise known as CE, I was especially excited by the prospect of working with Lexie Axon and Dr. Harte Weiner. I was certain it would be an extraordinary experience; however, I was wrong — it surpassed all my expectations. 

My first day on the job had my stomach full of butterflies creating a storm. The very first assignment I had was to write a blog post which had me stumped for a while. I remember cross-checking with Lexie about the topic, and in a span of two hours, I had written two paragraphs. Each sentence underwent my backspace bar as I agonized over every single word. When I finally submitted it, I was happy with it but not completely satisfied, something all writers feel about their work.

However, as the frequency of the blog posts increased, I found myself eager to express myself, and soon, the keyboard couldn’t keep up with my thoughts. The feedback given by Lexie and Dr. Weiner was invaluable and they showed me how just one word can enhance an entire paragraph! Not only did my writing style improve considerably, but my experiences as a reader too, evolved. 

Each day was unique and challenging. I worked on social media posts and even tried my hand at marketing. As I could work at my own pace, I was able to explore my creativity and take the projects in the direction that felt best for the company. The Zoom meetings were tremendously fun, and we were always in danger of going overtime! We would go off-topic several times and end up talking about how the WiFi sucks or if we could tackle another project on our already overflowing plate.

For me, the only disappointment was that I never got a chance to visit the actual office space with that customary cup of coffee and being surrounded by the wonderful dogs. Nevertheless, Lexie and Dr. Weiner always made me feel like a part of CE even if we were miles apart! I still cannot fathom how three months just flew by. But I do know that I will carry with me every single moment spent here, albeit virtually!

At the end of each day, we would submit a running list of our tasks; and to conclude this, here’s my running list: 


  • 10 blog posts, around a dozen FB posts, and clean-up of the WordPress site
  • A lifelong connection with Dr. Weiner, Lexie, and Kelsey, my fellow intern!
  • An unforgettable experience at CE

To Do

  • Thank CE for making me feel at home, especially in these tough times
  • Say goodbye to the wonderful team (for now)!

Amala Reddie

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