Feeling Uninspired? Here are Some Books That Can Help

Inspiration can come in a variety of different forms regardless of what genre you write in. With Nature Photography Day being on June 15th, I wanted to create a short list of some of the most beautiful books featuring nature photography. Viewing these splendid images could spark something inside you and help give you a new view on the world as well as create an engaging talking point in your everyday life.

9781604694925_p0_v1_s550x406Seeing Seeds by Teri Dunn Chace & Robert Llewellyn

Sometimes taking a closer look at things can help to change your option of them. In this dazzling book, there is more than just close up pictures of seeds, because every seed comes with a fascinating story. As the saying goes, “Great oaks from little acorns grow”, but this book shows there is much more to a seed then the plant it will someday become. With Llewellyn’s unique method of focus stacking, a technique which combines multiple images taken at different focus distances, every part of the picture is in sharp focus creating a depth of detail that rivals the best botanical illustrators. Within these stunning pages, you’ll gain an understanding of how seeds are formed and dispersed, why they look the way they do, and how they fit into the environment. Seeing Seedsis sure to take you to strange and wonderful places and when you return, it’s safe to say you will never look at a seed the same way again.

81bbF+rQklLOverview by Benjamin Grant

Going from extreme close up to extreme overview can give you a greater understanding of the world as a whole. Have you ever looked out of your airplane window and marveled at the site of the land below you, viewing the grid of housing developments, roads, farms, and shipyards? With this stunning and unique collection of satellite images of Earth, this book offers an unexpected look at humanity. It showcases a marvelous view of the world by stitching together numerous high-resolution satellite photographs. The effect is a sensation that echoes the experiences that astronauts have when given the opportunity to look down on Earth. These breathtaking, high definition satellite photographs offer a new way to look at the landscape that we have shaped, with a mixture of more than 200 images of industry, agriculture, and nature. These photographs highlight the incredible natural patterns that the land creates as well as revealing a deeper story about the human impact on the world. This extraordinary photographic journey around our planet captures the sense of wonder gained from a new, aerial vantage point and creates a perspective of Earth as it has never been seen before.

UnknownBeaches by Stefano Passaquindici

As it is still summer you might not be able to head to the beach yourself, but that does not mean that you need to deprive yourself of the beautiful images and inspiration that beaches can bring you. With this beautifully illustrated volume, you have access to 100 of the most breathtaking beaches in the world all from your home. These beaches can be found on coastlines from around the world, from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to the quaintness of Love Beach in the Bahamas. This book offers an exclusive tour of 100 of the most beautiful beaches in the world chosen by some of the world’s most qualified and sophisticated travel journalist and photographers and offers a unique perspective for travelers everywhere. This book could also be used as a wonderful piece of research should your work require useful maps and website references

rarely seen.jpgRarely Seen by National Geographic

Humans have always been fascinated by the awe-inspiring and in this book you can feast your eyes on the visual wonders that few will have the chance to see in person. This book features striking images of places, events, natural phenomena, and manmade heirlooms all shot by some of the world’s finest photographers. Everything is here in this masterpiece, a 30,000-year-old cave art sealed from the public; animals that are among the last of their species; volcanic lightning; giant crystals that have grown to more than 50 tons; the engraving inside Abraham Lincoln’s pocket watch. “In the presence of so many breathtaking images, you’re sure to find something inspiring to write about.” So sit down in a comfortable chair and let your mind wander to all to the possibilities.

dawn to duskDawn to Dark by National Geographic

Everyone knows that light makes photography possible and that by simply changing the lighting of an environment it can change the feelings that a photograph brings. In this remarkable book, the world’s best landscape photography and photojournalism depicts the stunningly beautiful passage of a single day, from dawn’s first light to the closing moments of sunset. Full of one-of-a-kind photographs, this collection gives readers a front-row seat to the wonders of the world as seen through the passing of a day.

We hope this little list helps you find that spark of inspiration you look for when the creative well feels empty. The photographs in these books can help give you a new perspective on the world through their expert use of lighting, angles, and distances. With this change of perspective, we hope that you find the ability to engage with the creative inspiration that is all around you and know that inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places.

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