Mood Boosters

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month (and Happy Cinco de Mayo!) In celebration of Mental Health Awareness and the less than sunny weather here in Boston, I have gathered some writing exercises to hopefully improve your mood!


(Note: As you write each of the prompts listen to either your favorite playlist or podcast.)


1.Look around you and pick an everyday object. Take 15 minutes and create a rant about that object.


(Optional) have a friend read your rant aloud and have that same friend write a rant about a different object.


  1. Take a moment to draw a chart of this week. Then take 20 minutes to write about all of your accomplishments throughout this week in cursive.


(Note: The accomplishments can be as simple as taking a shower. We want to write as many accomplishments as possible.)


  1. Take 30 minutes to write about how you are a child playing hide and seek and you stumble upon a bright new world.


(Optional) draw your new world


  1. Take 5 minutes and write down as many random words as possible. After this, take 10 minutes to create a poem using only the random words.


  1. Take 10 minutes to write about your daily activities. Next, take only 20 minutes to grab a dictionary and edit/play with your sentence.


For example:


-I walked through Newbury street and stopped to grab a coffee before work.


-I descended through  Newbury street and halted to conquer a coffee before work.


I hope these fun prompts boost your mood and help you to forget your worries (and the weather) if even for a moment. Remember, these prompts are meant to be silly and fun so allow yourself to make mistakes and let those words flow! Comment below on your favorite writing prompts!

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