Spotlight: The Hoochie Media Project

The Hoochie Media Project is an intersectional feminist media platform of which I am the Head and Editor-in-Chief. Hoochie is run entirely by Boston University students and seeks to empower student feminists across the globe through our blog, ‘zine, and Reader. Before I go on, let me give you a little background on who we are.

Merriam-Webster defines “hoochie” as slang that means, “a sexually promiscuous woman.” You might be wondering, how does this word have anything to do with feminism? Well, let me tell you: by reclaiming a word that was once derogatory, we change the meaning behind it. We take back the hate that was once used against us to fuel our power. This is what Hoochie is. It’s about being unapologetically bold and taking action to fuel positive changes.

Since 2007, Hoochie has grown into a collegiate collective for intersectional feminist students. Today, we curate a blog, with posts ranging from photography interviews, to R&B slam poetry, to inquiries into modern day love. Hoochie is an open book when it comes to writing and expression. As long as your topic relates to intersectional feminism, we’re happy to post it! We work with Boston University students primarily, but we also feature alumni writers and artists from other institutions.

We also publish the Hoochie Reader every spring. The Hoochie Reader is an anthology for student feminists around the world to submit critical essays, creative writing, and artwork for publication. The Hoochie Reader is recognized by the Library of Congress as a legitimate publication, which means that all of the students who contribute to the Reader become published writers and artists. The Reader is edited, designed, and assembled entirely by students. The Reader has published pieces from students across the nation and even the globe.

2018 hoochie reader cover

We are fast approaching the launch of the third issue of the Hoochie Reader in May. If you are a writer, editor, or someone in between, keep an eye out for our next issue, and follow us on social media. For more information, visit the Hoochie website.

Facebook: @hoochiefeminist
Twitter: @hoochiefeminist
Instagram: @hoochiefeminist

-Anne Jonas

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