Time To Plant!

If you are like me, and enjoy planting,  the first day of spring is an exciting time. The flowers are beginning to bloom, the trees are not simple sticks, and plants are ready to be potted! For those that are new to planting I have a few plants that are near impossible to kill.

  1. Succulents- First, these plants do not always do well within glass. Their roots need space to breath and for drainage. A common mistake for first time succulent owners is to over-water, under-water, or have an incorrect pot for the plant. All plants require special love, care, and knowledge to make sure they flourish. That said, here are two succulents that require less care than others.


Aloe Vera-Requires low light, low water, and when the leaf is broken it can be used for sunburns. For potting, watering, and fertilizer instructions please visit: https://www.almanac.com/plant/aloe-vera




Gollum- Does well in high humidity and high light areas. Requires very little care. For more detailed information please visit: https://www.succulentsandsunshine.com/types-of-succulents/crassula-ovata-gollum/


2. Ivy- Common mistakes with ivy plants occur when watering. When watering PLEASE make sure that when the water drains from the bottom of the pot and onto the water  dish, MOVE THE PLANT INTO THE SINK AND LET WATER DRAIN. Ivy is notorious for drowning in excess water. Otherwise, this plant will survive any light or weather conditions. It’s a hardy plant.

Devil’s Ivy- Great for any light conditions but must allow excess water to drain out of the plant. These hate to sit in their extra water. If you are notorious about under-watering these plants can survive you! For more details please go to: https://makingmrsm.com/beginner-houseplants-devils-ivy/


English Ivy- Note: this plant is toxic to dogs and cats. Featured in many design magazines English Ivy climbs quickly and requires little to no maintenance. Simply water once a week, fertilize once a month, and keep in bright light. For more details and potting instructions: https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/lush-amp-lively-english-ivy-best-tips-for-growing-care-243241


3. Closet Plants- Also known as office plants. These require little to no care except for watering. Make sure to have correct drainage pots for these plants and you are good to go!

Peace Lilies- Note: Peace Lilies can be grown in water. These plants require little water or care and little to no fertilizer. It will eventually need to be re-potted as it can grow quickly. So if the plant starts to sag after watering it may be time to re-pot. More information for this plant can be found here: https://www.almanac.com/plant/peace-lilies

peace lilly

Cast Iron Plant- These plants require some watering but low light. If you are someone that under-waters a plant, this specimen can handle you! Over-watering… not so much, it can be susceptible to root rot.

cast iron plant

If even after reviewing all the information you feel unsure. Here are some final tips to make sure you know how to check if a plant has enough water.

How to check if you are watering your plant too much:

Soil feels and appears mud-like hours after watering.

Brown tips on the leaves.

Leaf fall.

Rotten odor.

How to check if you are not watering your plant enough:

Yellow leaves.

Dusty soil.

Leaning stem.

No one has a “black thumb” with research, love, and proper care anyone can have a healthy garden!

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