It All Started with Coffee…

In a time-honored tradition of the literary arts, our latest story began in a coffee shop. CambridgeEditors founder, Harte Weiner, met with Somervillian poet, Doug Holder at Bloc 11 Cafe. Holder wanted to get the inside scoop on the life and work of a seasoned editor.

Harte Weiner

These kindred spirits discussed everything from W. H. Auden to the Cambridge-Somerville arts scene. You can find the full article on The Somerville Times.

Doug HolderPhoto credit: Jaclyn Tyler Poeschl

This month, its Holder’s turn to be in the spotlight, as he was recently named February Artist of the Month by the Somerville Arts Council. Holder’s love of poetry was sparked  in the 1970s when he stumbled upon a copy of On the Road, by Jack Kerouac, and he has been writing and teaching ever since.

Bloc 11 2Photo credit: Eater Boston

While CambridgeEditors is proud to work with writers and editors across the globe, it is hard to imagine setting up shop anywhere besides this city by the Charles River. Decades ago, acclaimed poets and editors would gather as part of Boston’s Saturday Club. Holder and Weiner’s meet-up and hundreds more like it prove that same spirit of artistic community pervades this metro area to this day. We feast on coffee, on scones, on Lowell and now on Holder.

To all our Cambridge- and Somerville-based artists, thank you for making this place such a vibrant arts community! We love working with you and living beside you.


by Veronica Wickline


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