I honestly don’t know why that word isn’t used more in everyday language. It’s as much fun to say as it is to write! When I meet people, I abbreviate my greeting to a plain, “hey” or “hello,” which is probably more normal sounding than “salutations.” That said, I think “salutations” describes my personality in one phrase—strange but well-meaning.

I’m Parisa Syed, one of the two new summer 2018 interns for CambridgeEditors. I’m so happy to be here and write exciting literary things for you all! I have all sorts of ideas lined up for the blog, ranging from book recommendations, both genre-based and feelings based, and literary news regarding audio books, ebooks, print books, publishers, etc.

I was born in Detroit, Michigan, but my parents moved to sunny (and excessively hot) Florida when I was two years old. Suffice to say that I enjoy the cold in Boston more than I enjoy the three random days of ninety-degree weather we’ve been having.

juno beach

Juno Beach boardwalk at sunset

This fall, I’ll be starting my last year at Emerson College for my MA in Publishing and Writing. I’m appalled yet excited that time has flown by so quickly. I did my undergrad at Goucher College in Maryland, and I majored in Sociology because I couldn’t do science, but I still wanted to be a doctor (look how that turned out). I took a fiction writing course during my last semester of senior year and discovered I liked to edit pieces more than I liked to write them, though I still write here and there. And then I started the journey of finding internships and jobs to gain experience for this complicated and intense world called publishing.

When I’m not interning, I love to re-read the Captive Prince trilogy and the All for the Game trilogy instead of starting the thirty-five books I haven’t read yet, read countless fanfiction instead of starting the thirty-five books I haven’t read yet, re-watch my favorite show, Merlin, on Netflix instead of the ten shows on my list, walk around this beautiful city, and look up adoption centers to cry at the fact that I want a cat or dog but can’t have one just yet. I love reading fiction novels, gay romance novels, and fanfiction because I like happy endings and reading about the multiple ways people can fall in love with each other.

cute cat

A cute cat that I want to take home

Thank you for reading this introduction about my weird self. Hopefully I can convince you I’m actually not this strange and funnier than I seem in the following months. For now, I hope you enjoy this fickle weather.


Signing off,

Parisa Syed, Intern



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