CE Current Project Roundups: Brand New Books

Some of our favorite projects at CambridgeEditors involve helping writers develop and edit their books and manuscripts. Our editors get great satisfaction in helping aspiring authors turn their passions into a reality as they move through the exciting steps of the publishing process. These past few months we’ve received many new fiction and non-fiction projects from writers all across the country that explore matters of science, history, art, and personal discovery. Here are three intriguing new manuscripts that our editors are currently hard at work on!

Richard Galehouse: The Power of the Plan

 Over the past few months, one of our top editors Laura Paquette has been working with writer Richard Galehouse and The University of South Carolina Press to help publish his book Power of the Plan, Building a University in One of America’s First Planned Cities. The work examines the process of urban planning and the construction of The University of South Carolina. 

Daphne Binder: Israeli Architecture 

             Independent author Daphne Binder is currently partnering with our own creative editor and experienced fiction writer Ursula DeYoung for help editing a chapter of her book on the history of Israeli Architecture.

Lorri Devlin: A Reluctant Medium

Author Lorri Devlin is currently working with us on her in-progress manuscript about her journey coming to terms with humanity’s potential for psychic ability. Devlin’s work A Reluctant Medium features a series of interviews with people all across the United States and explores the relationship between personal intuition and the power of embracing ideas that appear to defy reason.

CambridgeEditors is so proud to be working with all of these talented writers and we look forward to seeing their finish works hit the shelves!bookshelfpic

-Paige, Intern


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