Hi, Nice To Meet You

I’m Paige, and I’m the newest intern here, at Cambridge Editors. First impressions, much like first dates and the first day of school, are always pretty intimidating. So for now I’ll just stick to the basics. I’m currently an English and Journalism student at Boston University and a contributing editor for The Odyssey with lofty dreams of one day becoming a publisher or fiction critic.

As well as adjusting to my new role as an editorial intern, I’m also getting used to being back in Boston, after spending last semester studying abroad in London. Even though I had an amazing time exploring Europe this past autumn and seeing some incredible literary landmarks (like Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and The Sherlock Holmes Museum!) it’s good to be back home in Beantown and under the familiar glow of the CITGO sign.


Now if this actually were a blind date I’d also let you know that I’m an Aries, an extreme coffee enthusiast, and the proud parent of a very tiny dog. Of course since Cambridge Editors is a literature-focused company, what you really want to know, to test if we’re compatible, is what’s on my bookshelf.

I love dialogue driven, witty literature and have a particular fondness for works from the 1940s and 50s. I also have a decades-long passion for anything related to Harry Potter or Roald Dahl. Some of my favorite novels include Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger, Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, The Secret History by Donna Tartt, and The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. A few recent reads I’d also recommend are: How To Build A Girl by Caitlin Moran and The Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty. And although I usually stick to fiction, I also enjoy learning about American history and once spent a summer finishing three separate biographies of Thomas Jefferson.

A few of my other interests include musical theatre, vintage shopping, and running (if the weather is cooperative).

This Spring, I’m thrilled to get an inside look at the editing process from Dr. Weiner and the rest of the staff here, and I hope to make every moment of this new experience enriching and worthwhile.


Paige, Intern






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