Black Lives Matter

**written to be read aloud**

Black death

Black crime

Black the-us-u-al


“Inherent inferiority”

Excuses accountability  

White Power Matters


The need is not to unlearn

But to reckon with what we already know

White Supremacy Realized


Here lies the need to vocalize

Making space in our lives

For Black Lives


A world where children are not doomed to die

Driving in a car, walking down the street, play-ing-with-toys

Caught blue handed


The bite of the bullet

Sidewalks paved with concrete, brick, and blood

Shot on the pavement; the earth below knows not that her children are still dying


And those who evade bullets find death, institutionalized

Their fate solidified by the damning clink of iron cuffs

Trapped in the prisons, the sun above knows not that her children are still enslaved


If not Black lives are not brutalized

They are institutionalized

If not institutionalized, they are gen-tri-fied


Here, Black men die under the watch of omnipresent blue eyes

Cross the road, and housing prices rise

White neighborhoods glued together by financial ties- when will we openly recognize this blatant divide


A 400 year history of oppression swept under the rug

We pretend that All Lives Matter

Clinging to this politically-convenient-utopian-illusion while our communities are really fragments, tatters of what we say they are


You see while All Lives Matter boasts of unity

It really just translates to further impunity for those in authority

No justice, no accountability, because “We Are All Free”



Assistant Administrative & Project Director at CambridgeEditors


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One response to “Black Lives Matter

  1. J L Hunt

    Very powerful…

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