Hey There

I’m Emily and I’m so glad to be here interning for CambridgeEditors. I love the company. I’m a transfer student to Emerson College, and I graduate in December. I’m a Writing, Literature and Publishing major, an avid book hoarder, and a writer for The Odyssey.

I enjoy mostly YA literature, which I feel is growing and changing constantly. Some beloved authors of mine include Cassandra Clare, Julie Kagawa and Lemony Snicket. I like my books to have interesting settings, snarky characters and twisting plot lines–I feel that these authors really accomplish this. I could reread their books billions of times up in my lofted bed in the weirdest leisurely positions you’ve likely ever seen.

My hobbies include anything from snacking to spending time with friends to never sleeping at night. I am basically a kindergartner: naps and snacks are all I need. I like to run when I can trick myself into doing it. It doesn’t happen often. I’m definitely a caffeine junkie, and courtesy of Starbucks, I have a cluster of random and useless coffee information.

I hope to go into the field of book publishing as an editor, maybe somewhere overseas. I studied abroad in London and fell in love. I’ve since spent my time plotting a way back there. I’m here for now though, and I look forward to an educational and interesting time this summer!

-Emily, Intern


This is me


My view of Stonehenge when I studied abroad in London


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