Meet Our Newest Editor, Charles Coe!

As we near the end of October, the CambridgeEditors office has been very busy putting our clients in contact with specific editors, and business has been flourishing! We have also been on the hunt for more editors to join our ever-growing team, and so are immensely pleased to announce the arrival of our newest editor, Charles Coe!

Mr. Coe is an accomplished poet, with All Sins Forgiven: Poems for my Parents, and Picnic on the Moon, two collections published by Leapfrog Press. In addition, he is an avid writer, contributing to many journals in the New England area, as well as serving as the co-chair of the Boston chapter of the National Writer’s Union. It is thrilling to have someone so passionate about writing and editing in our midst, and in fact, he is also a fellow bibliophile.

In a post from his page on, Coe wrote,

“We all know that the role of the library is changing rapidly. Libraries are learning to adapt, with their banks of computers and increased focus on offering readings and other community events. Even so, with the Internet and the emergence of eBooks some people consider the traditional library model outdated. A few American high school libraries have gone so far as to do away with hard copy books. Obviously, print books have to “share the road” with new technologies, but I believe (at least, I hope) that there’ll always be room for books and the libraries that preserve and present them.”

To see the full post about his love of books, click here.

Welcome to the team, Charles!

-Hadley Gibson


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