Editors for Hire! Coming Soon to a Telephone Pole Near You!

Today I will be heading out of the office and hitting the streets of Cambridge to put up flyers for CambridgeEditors, advertising our many services to any and all academics, students, novelists, businesses, corporations and traveling circuses seeking professional editing help!

Although there are many clients who find us online, and there are even some of you out there who read this blog, it still seems that one of the most effective ways of bringing in lots of new clients is by traveling to the many colleges that Boston is home to and advertising all over academic bulletin boards, walls, benches, libraries, etc. Much like spamming social media, we shall spam the real world as well! Come one, come all!

In other news, as the weather slowly turns to fall and the residents of New England start pulling out their sweaters and pumpkin paraphernalia, we here at the CambrideEditors office are beginning very exciting projects! There will be small updates to our website coming over the course of the fall, as new editors begin to join our ranks. We will also be attending some job fairs and maybe even a book fair here and there! Who knows where CE will show up? Be sure to keep your eyes open for our logo, though.

We have also been receiving some responses to the blog in the past month! Most notably, my last post, ‘The Tangibility of Books’ has received a response by acclaimed blogger Eric Burns-White, who is perhaps best known for his website, Websnark.com. His blog post not only answers my musings on why people have come to prefer e-books to physical books (convenience, price, comfort, durability… I can’t argue with that logic!) but also provides incite into his own relationship with physical books, literature, and writing. Impeccably written, we are lucky to have received ‘The Intangibility of Books’ as a response to our blog! Here is a link to Burns-White’s blog: https://medium.com/@demiurgent/the-intangibility-of-books-b3da733a9775

Websnark’s beloved dinosaur, Snarky

I suppose it may be fitting to open up the discussion to you, our readers. Do any of you feel particularly strongly either way about your writing material? Paper or screens? The debate rages on…

Finally, in the spirit of working on my latest story for my advanced creative writing class, I will leave you all with yet another writing prompt, if only to get your imaginations going (although I hope some of you will feel inspired to write!):

“Describe a mortician’s meeting with a newly bereaved family. Remember that he isn’t just dealing with grief but selling a funeral package and getting necessary information about the deceased and the survivors.” — taken from 642 Things to Write About, by the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto.

If any of you need an editor for the story you write from this, you know who to contact.

-Hadley Gibson


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