Interview with the Interns

Hey, readers! We had a bit of downtime in the office today, and I decided to introduce you to the sillier side of the staff here. I asked our two interns, Hadley and Adrienne, to answer some questions about themselves. It started out as normal, but quickly turns absurd. Hope you enjoy!

Elizabeth: So tell me, what are your favorite books?

Adrienne: I think I’d say American Gods by Neil Gaimen. My most treasured possession is probably my signed copy of Ananzi Boys.

Hadley: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. My favorite type of literature is Middle-Eastern. I think it’s really interesting because it actually depicts the plight of women in extremely patriarchal societies. It was super interesting and I found a lot of parallels between it and American society.

E: Are you guys also interested in writing?

A: Yes and no. I’m interested in writing well, but not necessarily being a writer.

H: Yes, I am. I’ve taken numerous creative writing classes, which I enjoy a lot. I also do a lot of writing on my own. Hopefully some day I can write things to submit to different literary journals or something.

E: Awesome! If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be?

A: Oh gosh. I think I’d be a kiwi… because I like green, and I’m kind of tart.

H: If I was a fruit… wow. That’s a really hard question. I’d probably be like, a… What’s something that looks pretty normal on the outside but it pretty gross and weird on the inside? Because I look pretty average but I’m pretty weird.

A: I don’t know, but maybe blueberries, because they aren’t blue on the inside.

H: I could be a blueberry. I can see that. Sure, why not!

E: Last question, guys. If you were an object in the CambridgeEditors’ office, what would you be?


H: Haha, too many options. I’ll be this painting. It’s got lots of colors, and a guy falling off of a bull. I think he’s a bullfighter. I mostly just like the colors, but bull fighting also reminds me of Earnest Hemingway.

A: That reindeer (stuffed animal for dog). There’s no reason, I just like it.

Alright, that’s all for now! Tune in later for more silly anecdotes from the CE office 🙂


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