The Updated Love of the Written Word

As Kanga has graciously alerted the office with many a bark, I have started my first day as the newest intern at Cambridge Editors! My name is Hadley Gibson, and I am currently a senior majoring in English and minoring in communications and media studies at Tufts University. I say ‘currently’ because I am painfully aware of the fact that my status as a student will soon be listed as ‘previously’ once I graduate in May. However, that is many months from now, and I can revel in my last year of college by slowly branching away from school and into the real world by working here! With a short drive over to Cambridge on Wednesdays and Fridays, I am looking forward to better acquainting myself with Cambridge Editors and all that they do in and out of the Boston community.

I have only been here for a few hours, but have started to learn many of the goings on in the office, as well as the surrounding area. For example, as I learned when I started driving in Boston in January, there will frequently be at least one road on your route that is shut down for construction, and you will inextricably wind up taking a much more convoluted path to get to your destination. While I was driving through Cambridge today my GPS assured me that I would arrive to the office a few minutes early, when I suddenly came to a closed road with a disparaging orange detour sign leading me to the left. After a series of one way streets leading in what felt like smaller and smaller concentric circles, I finally arrived with just a minute to spare. Luck was on my side.

This in turn leads me to one of the most prominent things I’ve started to notice here at Cambridge Editors: technology, although in many cases incredibly convenient and helpful, can be extremely frustrating. Even though I have grown up using many forms of technology, I am by no means incredibly adept at it. I can get by, and can usually figure out how to do what I need to with technology, but I have always been a strong lover of the hand written word. In fact, I have always preferred to take notes in actual notebooks, and not on computers, which Dr. Weiner and I have in common.

In a world where the hand written word is slowly becoming extinct, technology is taking over with websites, e-mails, and even blog posts like this! The silver lining though, is that technology has enabled the written word to become much more widespread, and people are communicating through writing much more than ever before. Be it through text messages, Facebook messages, e-mails, or even twitter, the written word is incredibly prominent and I personally would argue that literacy is on the rise more that ever! And while the rest of the world is hooked on viral videos and pictures, the love of the written word is so strong at Cambridge Editors that it is almost overwhelming, and incredibly refreshing. The office is full of notes and plans that allow the company to run smoothly and provide top notch editing to numerous clients on a daily basis. Seeing the sheer number of emails that go in and out every hour is amazing, and makes me feel so excited and lucky to be in a place where I can further foster my love of the written word.

So as my first day winds down I can easily say that I eagerly look forward to spending the next few months here, writing, reading and possibly learning how to use technology more extensively… although the last item, while important, may be put on the back burner for a little while.

Kanga dutifully oversees the office.

Kanga dutifully oversees the office.

-Hadley Gibson


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