Matt Fallon says Farewell

Well, this post is long overdue. Sadly, the CE staff and I did not have a chance to say our goodbyes due to numerous scheduling conflicts. Writing this farewell blog is the absolute least I can do to show my gratitude towards Dr. Weiner, Sandor, and my fellow interns, Dan and Emily.

I have been in college for approximately three weeks now (Bard, the school that I’m attending, has a three week freshman orientation), and I finally have time to write this post.

This past summer, the last summer I’ll ever really spend as a high school student, was much too brief. Although I knew that I wouldn’t have much time at home, I wanted to make the most of my summer by getting a job or an internship during my brief stint in the Boston area. Luckily, Sandor and Dr. Weiner felt comfortable hiring a high school student as an intern.

My journey to the office consisted of: a train from Newton Centre to Park Street; a train from Park Street to Central Square; and a 10 minute walk to Sidney Street. And besides a few scheduling mishaps, it was worth the jaunt every time.

Between learning why Hachette is evil from Emily, discussing post-modernism and meta-modernism with Dan, trying to locate a guinea pig with Dr. Weiner (Charlotte was under the couch), and listening to Kanga bark for hours on end, my summer at CambridgeEditors is one that I have taken with me to college.

Here at Bard, I have already applied to edit both for the Bard Free Press and the College’s literary magazine. I’ve told people why they shouldn’t buy anything from Amazon and why David Foster Wallace wasn’t a post-modernist author. I’ve also kept in mind Sandor’s advice to “major in economics,” but somehow I don’t see it happening.

I hope to get together with Dr. W, interns, and any editors at some point in the future, because I will always be willing to take the train out to Sidney Street.


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