Reflections on Summer Work, and a Tribute to Staff Who’ve Made it Possible

Today, our summer interns wrap up their invaluable work here. Dan Truong is here with me today–the others, Emily Gruss and Matt Fallon, concluded their current stint with CambridgeEditors, playing more or less every role in this small office, a week or so before, with Emily going to intern this fall at Beacon Press. During their time here, we’ve gained a new Editorial Director, Laura Paquette, and added on new editors. We’ve overseen new and exciting editorial projects. These include a prestigious work on Investment–one of our editors currently working with the author on the final edits–a book of proverbs by a Brazilian author traveling in Italy and throughout Europe, along with another book for Brill Press, The Lure of the Nation: The Cultural and Historical Debates in Late Qing and Republican China; edits for the Boston University School of Economic Development–and the recent edit of in the area of literary fiction, a book of short stories, Make Believe: Stories from a Step-Family. Lastly, let me note with thanks to all, the triumphant conclusion of a collaborative edit by CE’s Editor, Sunanda Vital, of author Dan Rados’  monumental memoir of his mother, Croatian actress: Dragica Krog Rados: Actress and Soubrette. To return to my jumping off point for this entry, none of this work could have been completed without the day to day, hands on work of the complete staff here, the interns, the editors, Desiree Soto and Sue Poon and Sandor Mark, and everyone else involved.

The interns this summer, as in the prior year and many previous, have put CambridgeEditors, it has seemed to me, many times before their own lives. I can only hope that their contributions here have been useful to them, and that they will take away the sense of having contributed to something larger, and some basics about what makes a good edit now recognizable on sight!

With thanks to the Summer Staff!

~Dr. Weiner


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