The Editing Journey: Our Editors Love Our Writers!

One of our editors, when finished with a chapter-by-chapter edit of a dissertation for a doctoral student (soon-to-be professor), sent a reassuring email message to the writer:

“I so enjoyed reading the final steps in the process. You’ve really congealed into a clear vision and message, and your language is both strong and illustrative. The abstract was in good shape, if slightly long, and most of the added paragraphs needed only small refinements. The conclusion does an excellent job at balancing a timeline of [a disputed city’s] history with a critical timeline of [its] history, placing your work against the perspectives of other historians. The last paragraph is such a strong ending….

Please let me know how the defense goes, and keep me posted on the eventual development of your book!”


Our editors don’t just work on projects and send them off; they care about the writers and hope they succeed! Just another reason we love our editors over here at CambridgeEditors.



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