Top 3 Reasons to Take Summer Classes

When I think about summer classes, a part of me shrivels up inside. Cold classrooms, long papers, and trips to the library can all be expected. Despite my initial unhappiness at taking summer classes, at the end of every summer session I am happier I did so. Before you question how anyone can enjoy summer classes, I want to list my top 3 reasons I find summer classes to be beneficial.

Fewer classes to take during the regular semesters: If you are like me and are in graduate school, you take fewer classes at a time compared to the undergraduate level, but those classes are twice as hard. For me, I take two classes a semester, both of which require extensive work and commitment. If I take two classes over the summer, this prevents me from having to load up on extra classes during the fall or spring semesters.

Your tuition payments come in smaller chunks: I just received news about a month ago that tuition was in fact going up by 4 percent starting in the fall. Luckily, I was already registered for two summer classes, both of which would cost the lower tuition price. This saved me a good deal of money compared to what I would have paid had I waited and taken three classes in both the fall and spring semesters.

It keeps you busy!: This sounds like the most ridiculous reason, because who wants to be busy over the summer, but I really believe this to be true! The summer after I graduated I was so bored because my friends were working full time (I was still a part-time employee) or busy taking classes. Summer classes are just enough work to not get you too stressed out but still keep you in the mindset. There is nothing worse than an entire summer away from school to prevent you from focusing once the fall semester starts back up.

So, for those of you taking summer classes this year I wish you good luck!


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