MW’s Farewell

Every day that I came into the CambridgeEditors office, I stopped on my walk across the BU Bridge to admire the Boston skyline.

It took me awhile to figure out just where to stand for the right view – where it’s possible to see the State House and the Citgo sign in the same frame – but when you walk back and forth on the same route twice a week for about eight months, you get the hang of it eventually.

I got to watch the city pass through the seasons, from my interview in September and official first week as an intern at the beginning of October…



… through the bitter New England winter…


…including this promising sunrise on my way to walk and feed Harte’s dogs the morning after a weekend Nor’easter…


…to the first signs of the warmth and hope of spring.


Which each trek across the bridge, I saw the city change, just a little bit, not realizing that I was witnessing my own changes or the changes at CambridgeEditors.

Here at CambridgeEditors: our client base grew to include a partnership with the BU Institute of Economic Development; we talked about finding a larger office space (it hasn’t happened yet, but maybe someday); and we placed a successful advertisement in the New York Review of Books.

In my own life: I (uncharacteristically) gave a toast at my cousin’s wedding; I assisted in filling out the company’s tax forms; and I started drinking coffee regularly.

I’ve enjoyed my time here, even if I now harbor a slight resentment towards whoever first thought up SEOs. I’ll never be able to go to Harvard Square again without feeling the need to go to Staples and Peet’s, and I’m not sure I can ever hear “Change is Gonna Come” or any Otis Redding song without smelling the phantom scent of two loving but needy shelties. But for now, I have Roo here is the fur, stretched out across my feet, and a list of clients to update before I leave.

Today, my last day of this internship, came more quickly than I expected it to. Tomorrow and Wednesday, I’ll take my exams, and then I’ll leave BU to move back to my home state of Georgia for awhile.

Just a few hours ago, I took my last picture of my internship from the bridge. Not for the first time, the unpredictable Boston weather, partly cloudy today, matches how I feel – torn between my hope for my next step and my slight fear of leaving this place where I’ve become quite comfortable.

This year has been chaotic and wonderful, so to end, I will shamelessly copy from our esteemed Managing Editor Sandor’s final blog post as an intern and quote Beethoven:

“Friends applaud, the comedy is finished.”



Mary Winn Granum



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