New Publications at Brill

In consideration of the year’s accomplishments, CambridgeEditors would like to acknowledge two client books published this fall by Brill’s Asian Studies program.

Cultural Foundations of Chinese EducationCultural Foundations of Chinese Education

Cultural Foundations of Chinese Education, by Professor Gu Mingyuan, Beijing Normal University, was published as part of “Brill’s Series on Chinese Education”. Written from a cultural perspective, this book traces the origins and developments of Chinese education over a span of 5,000 years. After examining the foundations of Chinese education in traditional Chinese culture, Mingyuan explores the evolution of this education system throughout China’s complex history of cultural, social, political, and economic reforms. He includes thorough studies of the various influences of Western and Soviet cultures. Through unique and comprehensive analysis, Mingyuan brings to focus the conflicts involved in modernizing China’s education system, and reveals profound insight about Chinese culture today.

Brill’s profile of the book speaks to Mingyuan’s exceptional scholarship: “With condensed and concentrated analyses on the process of historical evolution and the interactions between Chinese education and Chinese cultural traditions, this book can be used as a major reference for international readers to understand education in China from the perspective of cultural evolution.”

You can find this book on the Brill website or Google Books.


Culture and Social TransformationsCulture and Social Transformations: Theoretical Framework and Chinese Context

Culture and Social Transformations: Theoretical Framework and Chinese Context, edited by Cao Tianyu, Zhong Xueping, Liao Kebin, and Ban Wang, is a part of the Brill series, “Ideas, History, and Modern China”. It is the second volume of the 2010 publication, Culture and Social Transformations in Reform Era China.

Culture and Social Transformations: Theoretical Framework and Chinese Context addresses the pressing and controversial questions regarding the current state of China’s turbulent socio-political climate. Through close examination of the societal developments that took place in reform-era China, the contributors of this collection explore the relationship between culture and social transformation. Discussing topics such as liberalism, human rights, rule of law, the state, capitalism, and socialism, these essays offer fresh perspectives on the origins and character of the reforms, and allow for deeper understanding of China’s present challenges.

As written in Brill’s summary of the book, “more than any existing study of reform-era China, this volume offers a theoretical discussion of the cultural and social roots of the reform. It does so for the purpose of further exploring whether or not it is possible to imagine alternatives.”

Find this publication on the Brill website or Google Books.


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