A Day at the Boston Book Festival

Last Saturday, CambridgeEditors had the opportunity to attend the Boston Book Festival. The BBF is an annual event that celebrates literature, writers, and the art of book publishing. It attracts thousands of book lovers every year. This October marks the festival’s fifth anniversary.

The BBF encompasses a diverse list of attractions, including interactive seminars, lectures on topics ranging from technology to Shakespeare, a street fair, activities for children, and live music. This year’s keynote speaker was renowned author, Salman Rushdie. Also featured was a panel discussion on writing about terror and terrorism, the panelists of which included Valerie Plame Wilson and Wes Craven.

The event was exciting and productive for all of us. The day was warm and beautiful, and Copley Square was buzzing with animated shoppers and exhibitors sharing their mutual passion for books and authors. We spent many hours walking through the street fair, meeting with exhibitors and checking out the latest titles. We had the privilege to speak with representatives of numerous publishing houses, both large and small. We were lucky enough to speak directly with a few published authors. Hearing the personal stories of emerging authors gave us insight into the challenges and rewards of a writing career.

After distributing CambrideEditors’s information to the many publishing house exhibitors, we are looking forward to establishing new and long-lasting relationships with colleagues in the literary community.


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