Magic is Might: A Fond Farewell

Another season passes us by, and the interns are taking their leave. We’ve all had great, lively, laughing fun here at CambridgeEditors this summer, passing the time with all genres of Pandora stations, researching the most obscure of publications that cross our paths, and of course wildly composing SEOs with abandon.

Please enjoy this documentation of a standard day in an ever-changing office as we capture  a moment before it flees for good.

Happy August, friends!


From Talia: “Number one way to avoid writing SEOs: Re-brand companies.”


From Silas: “Spent a lot of time outdoors this summer, and have concluded that ‘I’d rather be a creature of nature than a creation of culture.'”


From Cara: “Rather unsure where to post prose poems about physics now that my SEO days are coming to a close.”


From Sandor: “The summer has been hot! Hot! Hot with activity. I’m losing my mind.”


From Dr. Weiner: “This is short and plain: I owe this summer’s extraordinary laughter, creativity, productivity, personal and interactive energy to my two fabulous interns, Cara Haley and Talia Rochmann.”



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