Summing Up the MLA Experience

Last weekend’s MLA Convention was a tremendous event. CambridgeEditors was fortunate enough to be a part of it all as a featured exhibitor. We made a great deal of new contacts and friends who happened by our booth, and we surprised a lot of people along the way.

CambridgeEditors was the only specialized editing service at the MLA Convention. Most of the other exhibitors were either mass market publishers or university presses. Of course, this worked to our advantage in several ways. First of all, our staff members each made off with about a dozen books and two or three tote bags full of other goodies. More importantly, MLA attendees were impressed by the unique services we offer. Due to the rapidly changing structure of the publishing industry, many presses have reduced or eliminated their in-house editing teams. This means that when a small press is looking to edit a manuscript, they need to hire freelance editors to the work for them. This can sometimes turn into a messy process, as you never know what to expect from an outside source. Fortunately, CambridgeEditors provides a reliable and time-proven service with our team of experienced editors that cover a diverse range of genres and subjects.

We had an abundance of individuals and presses express interest in working with us in the future, so we can expect 2013 to be an exciting year!


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