Inside CambridgeEditors!

Recently, Dr. Weiner decided to pick up her camera and document some of the goings-on here at the CambridgeEditors office, as well as a Harvard networking event we attended. Here are the results!


Dr. Weiner in her office.


Me, undoubtedly slaving over some blog post. Despite my appearance, I do occasionally go in sunlight.  


Daniel working on some edits at the desk.


Roo, one of the many animal mascots of CambridgeEditors, take a break from his exhausting life.


My fellow intern Sandor working on his laptop.


Harvard Networking Night. Look at all those professional outfits.


Dr. Weiner discusses the details of CambridgeEditors.


Dr. Weiner, networking away!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief but illustrative post on the on-goings of CambridgeEditors. In other upcoming news, you can look forward to the debut of our new and improved website, which should be up sometime this April; but until then, make sure to check for new posts and specials here on our blog.

Until next time,

Katie Walsh

CambridgeEditors Staff


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