♥ February, the Month of Love and Writing ♥

Well hello there, faithful readers, I didn’t see you come in!  It’s February and you know what that means; chalky heart candies with messages on them like “I wuv u”, heart shaped cards, over sized boxes of chocolate, and red decorations everywhere! Yes Valentine’s day is coming up, which makes February the month of Love. Why did I capitalize ‘Love’? I’m so glad you asked.

First and foremost we here at the CambridgeEditors are offering a special discount for all of your February editing needs. Any document 50 pages or more in the area of history will receive a 10% discount. This includes political, social, cultural or biographical works.  Email us and describe your project, mention the special and get 10% off. Also, writers of books and dissertations seeking edits of documents over 100 pages who contact us in February will receive a 15% discount.

The second reason I capitalized “Love,” was because I would like to announce some upcoming blog posts on the subject of love, that oh so mysterious and desirable concept.  Katie, Alex and Myself will be writing feature pieces on love, in honor of Valentines day.  These won’t be the only blog updates, of course, but they’re sure to be spectacular posts. So make sure you keep checking the blog.




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