Here come the interns!

We have three new interns at CambridgeEditors who are going to be posting updates to the blog, so we figured we’d give them the space to each say a little something about themselves!

Katie Walsh

You may remember me from such well known works as the “January Inspiration” post I did two days ago! As before, I’m a senior writing undergraduate from Emerson College with a minor in psychology, which makes me a blast at parties. I’m a fan of old movies, Jackie Chan, big dogs, and books of all varieties, from graphic novels to Victorian literature. I’m excited to be here at CambridgeEditors and looking forward to helping out wherever I can!

Alex Beuscher

I graduated from Connecticut College in 2010 with a degree in English Literature. I moved to Cape Cod for a year during which I taught art classes to female inmates at the Barnstable County Correctional Facility. After traveling through Southeast Asia for several months, I have recently settled here in Cambridge. I am an occasional poet, and an animal lover. I make ceramic sculpture mostly inspired by animals and skeletons.

Sandor Mark

I am a Junior at Boston University, studying English and Philosophy.  In addition, I am an executive member of the Boston University Literary society and the Vice President of the BU Writers Workshop.  Although I grew up in New York, Boston has become the fertile soil of my literary destiny and education. Some of my interests include, spontaneously reciting lines from Woody Allen movies, trying to grow facial hair that can rival Ernest Hemingway’s beard, and old typewriters.  It’s great to be here at Cambridge Editors!


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