January Inspiration

Hello fellow writers,

I’m one of Cambridge Editors’ new interns, Katie! I’m an undergraduate writing major at Emerson College with a focus in non-fiction, and I’m looking forward to/dreading graduation in May of this year. I’m also a bit of a social media enthusiast (which is the fancy term for someone who specializes in whiling away hours online), so you might be seeing me posting here from time to time.

Anyway, today I thought I’d let you know about our current January special we have for all those creative types out there: a 10% discount for professional assistance with your memoir, novel, short-fiction, or any other creative writing! So if you’ve made New Year’s resolution to finally start that book of poetry, now might be the time; it’ll probably be easier than keeping that “healthy eating” promise we all make to ourselves every year. Just email us at harte@cambridgeeditors.com, describe your project, and mention the special for your 10% off!

For some inspiration, here’s the always-entertaining Stephen Fry with his thoughts and feelings on language:

So, as Oscar Wilde said, leave us to “tidy up the woulds and shoulds, wills and shalls, thats and whiches, etc.,” so you can get back to enjoying the language!

From Cambridge Editors,




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