Dog Days

First of all, our apologies for the recent break from our blog. The truth is, it’s just been so busy here that the blog has taken something of a back seat.

The summer has brought along a (thankfully) large number of new inquiries, and we are currently meeting with authors across a truly broad spectrum of disciplines. We helped two of our ESL clients rework their dental school applications. One woman’s story had begun in rural India, the other’s in South Korea by way of New Zealand.

On the more technical side of things, we collaborated with a budding neurobiologist to ensure that his book chapter, on iron’s role in strokes, was absolutely perfect for publication.

On the creative side of things, we just finished edits on an author’s personal experiences with 9/11. The volume of poems, orginally written ten years ago, will appear in print this fall. We are currently reading a set of short stories, to be gathered in a collection, and several chapters of a Cambridge-area professor’s novel.

We met with one of our clients from MIT Sloan to perfect his business pitch for a new website to revolutionize online transactions. Equally creative was the search for the right name for his forthcoming, gamechanging website.

To check in on the changes, visit our website and our blog, and feel free to contact us at, or (617) 876-2855.


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