If you’ve written something on impulse

and yet you think it is good, you may very well be right. Often times the first draft has the essence at its core. Let us see if we can help you with getting more out of that essence; maybe you don’t need help. Become your own impulsive editor. Be sure not to forget to take impulse to the waiting room, or planning room, or central arena, where you can fill out the gut feeling, gut insight or instinct, insight, or intuition. If you start with what you know to be true, you won’t have much trouble saying why you know it, given the uninterrupted time to do so….



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2 responses to “If you’ve written something on impulse

  1. I am trying to put this message to work with the permission you gave me earlier today, in your morning post, Dr. W., the longer one, beginning with the composition of a piece and ending with how to wrap it up and edit it—and so many of your comparisons to every day life in a funny way helped me.

    Your dog looks like a sharp nosed fox, but she is adorable.
    I’d suggest others go back to this am’s post, am Tuesday, and then read this against that. What type of dog, by the way, have you bought who reads the times? This is the era of the puppy pad, so at least you get your first dibs!

  2. She is a tiny Sheltie. I buy only smart dogs. They sit at my feet as I write, looking up with their tiny, black noses. I have a pocket of tiny treats. In this way, rewards go back and forth for work well-done! At least she is kind, and never criticisms or disagrees with input; her writing, however, as you may have imagined, is still in its infancy. Still words stand out in her remarkable memory, and she can recognize rhymes, and hymns, and lullaby’s; holiday songs, and other dog’s names. So she is potential on the ‘Do Recruit’ list.

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